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Tips About Blinds and Shades

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Tips About Blinds and Shades

Browse the following pieces of advice to gain some tips that will let you get the most out of your window blinds and shades. With proper care and careful cleaning, you can get your window coverings to last for a very long time. For more information, be sure to set up a free consultation.

Remember, motorized curtains are also an option

If you're looking for drapes over shades or blinds, there's no reason to limit yourself to manual operation methods. Motorized curtains are very popular nowadays, and they have a lot to offer. The convenience factors alone make it worth investing in. Now combine this with sheer or blackout fabric and you can have your motorized curtains draw themselves on a scheduled routine or according to special brightness and temperature sensors. These automatic window coverings are great for bedrooms and virtually all types of windows.

Definitely consider getting blackout shades or blinds for a bedroom

Controlling exactly how much sunlight gets into a room is always good, but when it comes to bedrooms it's absolutely vital. Improper sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues, so making sure you don't wake up too early because of filtering sunlight is crucial. With blackout shades and blinds you can completely block off sunlight and make sure that you don't wake up at the crack of dawn, unless you want to, of course.

Faux wood blinds may be better than hardwood ones

It all depends on the room you want to install the new blinds in and how much maintenance you're willing to put in. Naturally, real wood blinds will require more effort both in terms of cleaning and regular upkeep needs of wood. You'll need to prevent mold and warping, which means high moisture areas might not be an ideal place for these window treatments. With faux wood blinds, however, you can get a beautiful near-real look at any room, without worrying about maintenance. Cleaning faux wood blinds is also very simple, as they don't require special substances and careful moisture prevention methods.


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