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Answers For Questions About Shades

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Answers For Questions About Shades

In need of new blinds, shades, or draperies for your next home or office renovation project but don't know where to begin your quest? Take a look at our blog page below and see if it can spark your imagination.

How do roman shades work?

Roman shades are made of fabric and are opened and closed with a traverse cord or one that is threaded through rings on the back. The plastic rings are sewn at intervals, which creates pleats when the shade is pulled up. The cord is attached to the bottom ring, threaded up and then attached to a pulley system connected to the rail at the top of the shade, the window frame or the wall. Pulling the cord enables you to adjust the level upwards and downwards.

How do I clean bamboo shades?

Thorough cleaning of bamboo shades is very important as the natural material is prone to scratches and can become moldy. Weekly dusting with a soft cloth, a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner will help reduce the dust build up. The shades should also be washed regularly by soaking them for 20 minutes in a bathtub filled with hot water and either white vinegar or oil-based wood soap. For removal of moldy stains you can add a small amount of bleach to the water. Afterward, hang the shades to air dry them.

Are aluminum blinds better than vinyl ones?

Both aluminum and vinyl blinds have advantages and disadvantages: Aluminum blinds are strong, do not break easily and are easy to repair. They are more energy-efficient because they reflect some of the sun's rays. Vinyl blinds, on the other hand, can flex, are less likely to dent, are easier to clean and are more customizable. They're not as reflective as aluminum, but white vinyl blinds tend to do a good at that.


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